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Donald Trump gave several speeches before and after getting elected as the President of the United States. Now, there is nothing surprising about it. He has been praised by many and criticized by many more. So, there is nothing surprising about his speeches.

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But what has been shocking is the fact that one such speech is posted by the hacktivist group Anonymous on YouTube. In the speech, Trump can be seen criticizing the American foreign and domestic policies. Trump criticizes Hillary and Bill Clinton and even goes to the extent of saying that they should be imprisoned.
Trump further says in the video that he will protect jobs in America and will “Make America Great Again!” The video is one of his campaigns. And now that Trump has won, it remains to be seen what he does in reality and what were mere rhetoric.
But the very fact that Anonymous has posted this video, seems a bit strange. Yes, Anonymous has opposed several of policies of the world government, especially those related to wars and other atrocities of people in poor nations. However, with Trump at the helm of the US, the power will be with him.
It can be stated that the reason why Anonymous seems to be supporting Trump is not for the person he is, but for his ideas where he says he wants to bring change. Since he is not a regular politician but an outsider, he might actually tackle things from a different angle and bring some real change.
There could still be some doubts about his style of working and eccentricities. However, it is entirely possible that it since he is now the president, Anonymous wants to give him a fair chance to do something positive for the US as well as the rest of the world.

The name of Donald Trump has been evoking a negative response among most of the freethinkers and those who support liberty and equality around the world. So, when the news of Trump’s election victory was announced, it would not have been wrong to assume that hacktivist groups such as Anonymous would have been unhappy with it and would have bashed Donald Trump.
However, the fact is Donald Trump is now the President elect and it would be unfair to him and the American people who elected him if he is not given an opportunity to contribute towards making his country as well as the rest of the world a better place. And, it seems this is what Anonymous thinks as well.
In a video released by Anonymous, the hacktivist group, contrary to the popular opinion, has sent a direct message to Trump asking him to do his best to improve the US, the American people, and the rest of the world.
An Anonymous representative in the video in the trademark Guy Fawkes mask asks the new President elect of the United States to learn from the mistakes of his predecessors and become a President of the people who is concerned about their safety, privacy, health, food, clean water, and education. Anonymous representative further states in the video that unlike the previous governments that worked to benefit the elite and corporations, Donald Trump must work for the people and end the wars around the world. The video says that a war is not a game and there are no winners.
So, instead of bashing Trump for being a tyrant and anti-democratic who has little regard for minorities and non-whites, Anonymous believes that since he has been given the mandate by the American people, he should be given a chance to prove himself.

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