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Anonymous now attacks on canadia(#opsoaringeagle)

Meet Hackers
A hacker namely @aerithxor hacked the official website of Ottawa city,Canadian supreme court and Ottawa there was special reason behind this hack.The target was hacked under the operation namely #OPSOARINGEAGLE .This operation #OPSOARINGEAGLE was launched against the arrest of 16 year old kid allegedly using social media to around spread terrorism hoax around the country.
The anonymous hacker(@aerithxor)has left personal details of officer involved in the arrest of 16 year old kid.
The hacked website were shut down through the massive ddos attack.THE anonymous hacker(@aerithxor) left special message  on the deface page of the hacked websites.


Joel Demore: You laugh at us, you are scared of us, does this help your laughing?” the hacked website read. “We can destroy everything, this is a flex of our power. Please, test us. You know what we want.


Greetings World,  We are Anonymous. Two weeks ago today, we launched operation Soaring Eagle. #opSoaringEagle. This operation was kept hidden, while we gathered information. We breaching secure systems, and networks. Our target was the Ottawa Police (in Canada).  We hacked into court systems, heard the police talking about how they are scared of us, that they would never plug in anything to a computer we sent them. That is fine, we have other ways to access your network. We left a digital footprint inside your internal systems, find it. We are not going to be stopping, it is time for change. As for Officer Joel Demore (Detective on the Ottawa Police Services) – you have been sending out nasty things, like “ip addresses can’t be faked” and “im soo gay” and “i love porn” among other nasty items. This is just a proof of concept, let it be known, we own you.  For every one technical expect you think you have, we have 20.. 50.. 100.. Do you believe us now? Are we serious enough? Thisis just the start, Operation Soaring Eagle will continue, until we see fit that it is completed. We will be taking over all ottawa police networks, shutdown communications on the internet, hijack domains, servers, and soo much more. It all starts today.  We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget.You should has expected us.”

meet hackers