Anonymous is now attacks on saudi arabia’s cyberspace | #opnimr |

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Protesting the very bad human rights record of Saudi Arabia, the hacktivist group Anonymous is attacking the government websites of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the wake of a decision of the government to execute a teen. The attack is termed as Op Nimr by Anonymous in the support of 17 year old Mohammed al-Nimr who has been convicted of anti-government activities which he allegedly committed in 2012. He can be executed anytime now.

The sentence was appealed against but it was stuck down and the verdict was upheld. Anonymous has stated that al-Nimr is innocent and is just a young boy and therefore they are opposing his death penalty. Anonymous has further stated that al-Nimr was not even given a lawyer and was tortured in prison and he was forced to sign the confession which was used against him to convict him in court.
Through its #OpNimr, Anonymous is attacking several government websites and taking them down and have threatened to continue with the attack against the government websites.
The websites that Anonymous has attacked include websites of the Ministry of Civil Service, Ministry of Justice, technological centre of Saudi Arabia’s military and security sectors, Saudi Airlines and General Administration of Education.
Anonymous has been pretty vocal in its attack on the government of Saudi Arabia. They have called the government inhuman and has accused it of breaching human rights. It is a known fact that Saudi Arabia has often been criticised for its violation of the human rights and the execution of Mohammad al-Nimr through crucifying is the latest in the incident. Even Amnesty International, the renowned global human rights organisation has criticised the Saudi Government and have stated that the teenaged buy has been tortured in the prison. Even several UN members have lately criticised Saudi Arabia for disregard of human rights.