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In a video posted on YouTube by the hacktivist group Anonymous, it’s been said that the current global geo-political turmoil is nothing else but World War 3. Anonymous might have nailed it and their arguments sound logical.
Anonymous has made several claims in its video and has backed it with evidences such as interviews of former top officials and other scientific facts that cannot be simply ignored. The hactivist group has said that there are major political powers behind the origin of instabilities in many parts of the world and especially in the Middle-East.
The video shows an interview of Hilary Clinton stating how the US governments have in the past funded rebels in countries like Afghanistan. These rebels then turned into jihadists and attacked USA and American forces. Taliban is an example of this where the US governments supported the rebels against the former USSR. United States wanted to control the Middle-East and South-East Asia and at the peak of Cold War in the 80s, it was the focal point of the government to reduce the influence of the USSR in this region and exert its own control.
But, soon after these rebels supported by the US turned their weapons (given to them by the US government) on to their former masters. The attack on the twin towers on 9/11 is an example. But the video also claims the validity of the attack. According to one conspiracy theory stated in the video, it has doubted the claim that the burning jet fuel of the planes hitting the twin towers melted the steel body of the buildings. The video claims that the heating point of jet fuel is much lower than the melting point of the steel.

There are various conspiracy theories doing the round. But one fact cannot be denied is that the disturbance caused by groups like Taliban and ISIS and the problems between countries such as Russia-Ukraine, Iran-Iraq, Israel-Palestine and other countries could be flashpoints of a larger global war – World War 3.

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