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Anonymous hackers hacks into Ecuador for Assange

Anonymous hackers

Anoymous hackers are supporting Julian Assange.The infamous hacktivists got arrested.Anonymous silently attack into the Ecuador cyber space. Anonymous claims to take down 30 websites within some hours.

Hackers have made the DDOS attack on these 30 websites. At the time of writing of article some of the websites were working properly.Anonymous hackers said :

Ecuador Government websites has been taken #Offline with 1 Direct attack.
There are few most important websites that’s still down at this time.
If some of their servers comes up again, we will fire again to take them down!

As per the statement Anonymous claims to take the website again if their server were up again. we have list of the websites that taken down by the anonymous during the operation Assange (#opassange)

At the time of writing of article almost major websites were working properly.Hackers shares the Picture of the attack.

URGENT. The country received only in the morning 16,774,143 cyber attacks on the national IT infrastructure. The throes of retirement from asylum to the offender lodged in the embassy in London have just begun. The country is considered a target of international hackers.

Anonymous didn’t announce any cyber war .This time silently attack on the Ecuador. Anonymous left message after the Julian Assange got arrested.

Also anonymous left the message UK government.