An Alleged Anonymous Hacker Arrested By The FBI |Hacking |

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A 31 year old hacker named Martin Gottesfeld, who is alleged by the FBI to be a part of Anonymous, the international hacktivist group is arrested by the federal agency on Feb 17th 2016 on charges of hacking the systems of a Children’s Hospital in Boston and holding the system hostage in the month of April 2014.
Who are Anonymous?

Anonymous is a hacktivist group that claims that it supports social causes and works against the tyranny of the governments and corporations that exploit the masses. Anonymous does not have any formal structure and the activists of this hacking group claim their affiliation to the group. They participate in online and actual events and programs organised by this group but there is no single leader or followers. The members respond to a call to action by the other group members and support the campaigns.

What is Gottesfeld’s alleged crime?

It is alleged that Gottesfeld, in April 2014 hacked the computers of a Boston based hospital for children and gained control of its system. Due to his attack, the systems and the entire network of the hospital was down for around a week’s time resulting in damages worth US$ 300,000 to the hospital. Just before the actual attack, there was an Anonymous video uploaded on YouTube a month earlier – in March 2014 against a case that involved Justina Pelletier, a 15 year old teenager who was admitted to the hospital. She was suffering from digestive disorders. Initially the hospital admitted her to the psychiatric ward presuming that her problem was psychological and stemming from the abuse of her parents. However, later she was diagnosed and her custody was given to her parents.

IT is alleged by the FBI that Gottesfeld posted the YouTube video in the guise of Anonymous and stated that an action will be taken against the hospital as the hospital did not deal with the issue efficiently.
Gottesfeld was arrested while he was on a Disney cruise ship along with his wife. He was travelling with some luggage and 3 laptops.