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Anonymous Joins Resistance Against Donald Trump

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It seems that Donald Trump is one of the most hated person in the world with not just the American public or the global mainstream protesting against him but also the fringe and underground elements such as Anonymous vying to bring him down.
Ever since Trump was elected as the President of the United States of America, the Hacktivist Group Anonymous has been voicing its concern about Trump’s victory and has been opposing his ascent to power. And now the group taken another step in this direction by calling the people of the world to unite against the US President in what it has called “making humanity great again”.
This slogan or the campaign has been started by Anonymous after the executive order issued by Donald Trump banning Muslims from seven nations to travel to the US. The group has been asking people around the world through its hashtag “BDStheUS” to protest against the American companies and American interests as a form of protest. BDS is an acronym coined by Anonymous which stands for Boycott, Divest, and Sanction – three words that succinctly describe what the group wants the people of the world to do to oppose the policies of Donald Trump which are bizarre to a great extent.
The group has asked the people of the US to go on revolving strikes on their work to oppose Donald Trump. It has also asked people around the world not to buy American products. The demand of the group is that Trump must resign by the end of February 2017, failing which it will only intensify its protests. Anonymous has been targeting Trump and his websites for a very long time and has been warning him for his in humanitarian and partisan politics. In their message on Twitter, the group has said that they will hit Trump “where it hurts”!

Anonymous Message :-

Greetings Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous
This is an open call to establish travel bans on United States citizens, boycott US made products, divest of US or Trump related business interests, and apply sanctions on the Trump regime and all of its associates. Until the danger the United States today possesses against the world is resolved. Reciprocity measures must be enacted against the United States to challenge its shameless actions under the Trump regime. Global response must also come in the form of economic sanctions on products directly associated with the Trump corporate brand.
As citizens of the world we must unite against tyranny wherever it emerges and challenge it. As Trump reveals himself to be a danger not just for the US but the rest of the international community it is our right to protect and defend ourselves from the madness of rogue entity with no regard for international law, human rights, or common decency.
We call on the international community from all backgrounds and ideologies, across social stratas and religions, to resist the madness leaking out of the United States. We call for the creation of global boycotts against US made products, we call on you to contact your representatives and members of parliament and congress to apply sanctions on the Trump regime, we call on you to take part in divestment of US shares. BDS the US until the maleficent Trump regime is brought to justice.
To the citizens of the United States, this is not an attack on you but firm and necessary action against the rising tyranny that today befalls you. Participate in your own liberation from the Trump regime by applying economic and political pressure on your house and senate representatives to push the impeachment of the Trump regime. The Trump regime will not listen to protests in the streets, but it will crumble under protests in the work force & sanctions, divestment, and boycotts abroad. We call on you, the citizens of the United States, to organize rolling work strikes nation-wide. Remove your labour from the pockets of the tyrants, disrupt the markets they are so proud of, and take the reins of your governance back by building society and mass collaboration. Forget making America great again, together we can make humanity great again.
We are Anonymous.
We are everywhere.
We are legion.
We are those you have left without a home.
We are those you have murdered.
We are voiceless no more.
The world will change. We’ll change it.
Tyrants of the World,

Expect Us!


Video :-

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