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Anonymous has declared cyber war on Israel on 7th April 2017

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The hacktivist group Anonymous has once again come out all guns blazing and this time its target is the State of Israel.Anonymous has released few list of the website to be hacked by them on the day of operation.The list of the website is present below .
The group has called it OpIsrahell or #opisrael in its trademark video message. The message was released by a group named RedCult, which claims to be a part of the hacktivist group Anonymous. In the video message, a narrator can be seen in the form of the signature Guy Fawkes mask but with a red outline. It means this could be a computer graphic or an effect to convert a real person into a seemingly animated figure.
The representative in the video says that they are against the oppressive policy of Israel against the Palestinians and that they will take the matters in their own hands on 7th of April 2017 when they will hack all the websites of the government. The person also asks other Anonymous groups to join them in their fight.The Message was also left by the Anonymous Arab in Recent days in a Arabic language.

The Anonymous representative also says that they are not threatening Israel but rather making a promise to bring down their entire cyber system and to isolate the country from the Cyber space.
What is interesting to see here is whether this is a real Anonymous group or just someone faking it to gain popularity. There has been no other statement from any other Anonymous group on this so far.
However, this threat cannot be taken lightly. Anonymous is not a single group with particular leadership figures. Its membership is voluntary and anyone can show support for the group. Even the people joining its protest marches come voluntarily to show support and solidarity with the group.
Therefore, this video cannot be taken lightly. The Israeli government will definitely take a note of it. It remains to be seen what exactly happens on 7th.

Below is a list of the potential targets of Anonymous.


┬áRedCult’s #OpIsrahell 7 April 2017 ( Video )