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Anonymous Claims To hack Into 1000’s Facebook Accounts |#Opisrael |

Meet Hackers

On going operation “#opisrael”  which leaded by Anonymous , Anonghost and many other independent hackers.On 7th of April 2016 Anonymous Published the list of the Emails address and passwords of the Facebook Hacked accounts on the internet. On testing Most  of the facebook accounts were hacked at the time of writing article and the hacked Facebook accounts are legitimate

Facebook accounts hacked

Facebook accounts hacked


Emails address              | Passwords
[email protected] Pass : 32555625
[email protected] Pass : 9583
[email protected] Pass : zzzzzz
[email protected] Pass : 891947
[email protected] Pass : 241946
[email protected] Pass : 888888
[email protected] Pass : mm196101dd
[email protected] Pass : urusurus
[email protected] Pass : npgkvphx
[email protected] Pass : israelstr
[email protected] Pass : 0202G5866
[email protected] Pass : hihohi
[email protected] Pass : 461977
[email protected] Pass : misterbin
[email protected] Pass : gimi14
[email protected] Pass : abaaba
[email protected] Pass : 5143167
[email protected] Pass : 1589dd
[email protected] Pass : 11983
[email protected] Pass : a1234567
[email protected] Pass : lalala
[email protected] Pass : 506070

[email protected] Pass : roadstar

[email protected] Pass : 654321
[email protected] Pass : 025827601
[email protected] Pass : ido4701
[email protected] Pass : 124124
[email protected] Pass : ‘קראט

[email protected] Pass : 311288

while Anonghost also claims that these accounts were hacked but them only and later on announced to publish 25000 hacked Facebook accounts soon. Anonghost  shares some snapshots of hacked Facebook accounts before the operation date i. e 7th of April 2016.
gov_il_by_ma_priv_bot govil photo_2016-04-08_21-44-58
Now we are waiting for list of 25000 facebook hacked accounts that will be published By the Anonghost Team