Anonymous begins online tutorials for protecting identity and privacy online

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In what seems to be a first of its kind incident, the Onion Routing Network has, through its Twitter handle @OnionIRC has tweeted the initiation of a course to help online users learn about internet privacy and security. The first tutorial was released on 24th April and had 400 registered users and 173 of them online.

Chat link:-onionirchubx5363.onion  {use Tor Browser to access }

The course transcript indicates that it is designed specifically for people who want to hide their online tracks, even from the governmental agencies. The group states at the beginning of the transcript that a common misconception among the regular people, especially those online users who follow hacktivist groups like Anonymous groups is that they associate DDoS and other such techniques with hacking and hacktivism. Anonymous has clarified that their objective is not to teach these topics but rather to focus on how to keep the identity anonymous and also what the principles of hacktivism are.

The first training session was an introductory module and the link of its transcription is available online that can be accessed from the twitter handle of OnionIRC {}. Onion Routing Network is an online network that provides a service allowing anonymous browsing of the internet. Data security and threat to identify are among the major issues faced by the internet users. Users are also apprehensive of the availability of their browsing history to the governments which can then be used to track the users and exploit them. Onion Routing Network helps users bypass these measures and keep their profile and online track hidden.

The online training initiated by Anonymous is based on this principle of privacy. Anonymous states that it has been pushing for safe, secure and confidential internet browsing. The first training module is intended towards achieving this goal.


How to use ChatZilla to connect to OnionIRC ?

Follow the below link:-