Anonymous Attacks on South Africa

Anonymous is a hacktivist group that has been fighting several government departments world over. They have a subdivision named the World Hacker Team that is recently involved in fighting against the rampant child labour in Africa and the widespread government corruption in the African nations. They are doing it in support of #OpAfrica, which is a campaign promoted by Anonymous and are targeting government departments in South Africa, Uganda and Rwanda.
Under this campaign, around 2,532 African websites hosted on Webafrica, an Africa based website hosting server were hacked. However, the current attack is the biggest of its kind that has been directly targeted by the hacktivist group.

This incident allows the hackers to gain an access to the details of over 5800 employees of the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) of South Africa and also gain an access of the admin panel of the website.
They have leaked details such as the names, email ids, phone numbers, and employment details such as employee ids and also addresses of these employees. In few cases they have also leaked the passwords of several of these employees.
Corruption and child labour have been major concerns in African nations. Anonymous has been known to fight for such social causes and oppose what they consider the tyranny of the governments. Anonymous is also known to have been fighting the hackers of ISIS on the internet. It shows that the group takes the causes it supports seriously and tries to fight against the evils that exist online. In the past Anonymous is also known to have fought against child pornography online.
Although the methods used by the group are of questionable nature and they have been known to directly confront governments, both online and in the real world; it cannot be denied that they do fight for several social causes.