Anonghost decided not to stop cyberwar on israel till the war ends(#opsavegaza)

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Anonghost today declared that they will not stop ongoing cyberwar on Israel,as Israel has faced much damage over its cyberspace,and anonghost claimed to hacked into many important Israeli government websites,and leaked many government emails on the web.we got some government websites which are  hacked by anonghost hackers…
Israel Gov Information Leaked

this is not it,they have done so far ,you can see more damage on following link
anonghost also hacked telecom information and leaked on the web
have a look;
few days ago anonghost hacked into the kali group too

some of the websites were hacked twice so many more websites are hacked ,we cant research on them right now…


Note:if any website is working properly,mean they are recoverd...

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