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Angry Birds 2 is slated to release on 30th July

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Angry Bird was launched in December 2009 by the Finnish game
development company Rovio. At that point in time, Ravio was just a small sized
gaming company. Angry Bird that featured multi coloured birds, slingshots,
green pigs and a catchy tune was a cute little game and at that time no one
expected it to become the success it actually became.
Now let’s come back to 2015 and what we see is really
amazing. Angry Bird has been downloaded more than 3 billion times by millions
of users round the globe and the game has seen several spin-offs and mashups.
The game has seen collaboration and backing of several A list celebrities
making it an amazing mobile game.
However, over the last one year, due to the increased competition
from other gaming manufacturers the popularity of the game has decreased and so
has the popularity of the game. The company has therefore declared on their
blog that they will soon be releasing the newer version of the game – Angry Birds
2! And guess what? It is going to be one of the most awaited sequels of any
mobile games. The latest version of the game is slated to the released on 30th
July 2015.
However, whether the 2nd generation Angry Birds
will receive as much support and become as popular remains to be seen. Will it
earn as much as its predecessor cannot be predicted. The company in the past
has tried to forge partnerships with games developers in China and India to get
Angry Birds feature in their games. Though it was a bit successful in China,
not much success could be achieved in India.


Whether Angry Birds 2 is being released as a true successor
to Angry Birds or just an attempt by the company to regain their levels of the
revenue that has been rapidly dwindling is a point to consider.