all you need is money for hacking into any facebook account

Since the advent of the internet, hackers were considered as computer geeks who enjoyed hacking into computer networks and user accounts for fun. However, over the last two decades, hacking has become more than fun activity. Cyber criminals, as they are now called, use hacking techniques to siphon off money and hack into computer systems to steal money and identities of gullible individuals.

The latest in line is what can be termed as ‘hacking as a service’ where hackers are selling their services to people who certain accounts to be hacked. These hackers hack into Facebook, Gmail and WhatsApp accounts for a fee and several individuals are hiring their services to exploit the vulnerabilities of the internet accounts of their rivals.

For hacking websites, many of these hackers charge upwards of USD 2000 for their services. The fee is lower for other applications. For example, these hackers charge anything between USD 200 to USD 300 for hacking into WhatsApp accounts. Many of them sell Facebook hacking tools for $20 a month between $200 and $350 for hacking Facebook accounts. Fees for hacking a Gmail account is approximately $90.

If anyone is interested in learning hacking, they teach hacking for fees of around $20 and give tutorials and information about tools for basic hacking. Several hackers post NETFLIX passwords on online hacking forums and sell these passwords for $1.25 each password. Another major service offered by these hackers is the crypting services. The rates generally are $5 for one crypted file and $8 for two files. They detect the crypted files for any possible anti-virus detection and enhance encryption further till the time these virus become undetectable.

The growing menace of these hackers is causing severe financial losses to businesses who face continuous threats from such attacks. With the commercialisation of the hacking services, it has become and even severe issue.

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