After hacking the email of CIA chief, the teen hacker now targets Director of National Intelligence

Meet Hackers

In what comes as another major blow to the government agencies from hackers, James Clapper, the Director of the National Intelligence of the United States of America has been targeted by a teenage hacker who is a part of a larger hacker organisation. This teen, who goes by the alias Cracka had, last year hacked the email accounts of the CIA chief John Brennan.

The group of the hackers is known as Crackas With Attitude or the CWA. One of the hackers who also calls itself Cracka is believed to be the same teenager found responsible to have targeted the CIA chief last year. The group calls itself friends of Palestine and say their movement is affiliated with the Free Palestine movement.
According to Cracka, through a message posted on Twitter, which is a new account and not the one used last year when the emails of the CIA chief were hacked, that James Clapper’s emails, online resources and even telephones have been hacked. The hacker has hacked and installed an automated call forwarding facility on the phones of Clapper. The publically listed telephone number of Clapper has been hacked and any calls made to it are forwarded to another number that belongs to Cracka. Also, Cracka claims that a cell phone that either belongs to Clapper or his wife has also been hacked resulting in the call forwarding to another number used by the hackers.
These incidents now show a very growing concern over the security of the entire governments. Not only do these hackers attack top persons of the US administration, they are also able to access their databases and other confidential information. On several occasions even the confidential details from such government sources have been leaked online.