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Whatsapp Now New Target Of FBI

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FBI, it seems is after encryption based technology and want to access any information it wants. Apple is already under pressure to allow a backdoor access to its encrypted data to the FBI, which the company has declined so far.

However, the Federal Bureau is adamant and wants access to the encrypted data and is taking legal steps to ensure that the companies that offer crypto communication comply with its requirements. Currently, several service providers such as Apple, WhatsApp, Telegram and numerous others use end to end encryption that allows users to encrypt the messages which can only be accessed by the recipient. Similarly, the messages received by the users is checked for fingerprints of the senders to authenticate their identity. It is to prevent any man in the middle activity, which the agencies such as FBI might use to access encrypted messages.

WhatsApp, recently has stated that it does not keep a record of the encryption key and therefore cannot grant access to anyone to the encrypted messages. Apple too has stated that granting a backdoor entry into its iPhones and messenger will set a precedent that will then be used by other agencies in all parts of the world to gain an access to the encrypted information.

The counter arguments set forth by the governments and their agencies is that encryption that ensures no key or backdoor entry is available to the regulatory agencies allows criminals such as terrorists and paedophiles to get away from being investigated. In a recent public address by the US President Barack Obama, which highlighted the need to access encrypted information in cases of emergencies, the president said that if companies ensure complete encryption and no access to the data or communication in any form, then how will the governments be able to identify and prosecute those who are involved in activities such as terrorism and paedophilia.

The final outcome is yet to be determined, but it is sure that a recent filing against Apple by the FBI, if goes against the company, it might result in a situation where complete encryption might become a thing of the past. Other countries will not take long to follow the suit.