Adult FriendFinder Hacked and 3.5 millions people’s secrets revealed

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Adult Dating website, Adult FriendFinder was hacked and the secrets of over 3.5 million individuals, about their sexual lives and sexual preferences were exposed. The adult website which has over 64 million subscribers allow individuals to find partners according to their sexual preferences.

The details of the users on this website is extremely personal and requires users to enter their intimate details when signing up for the website. These include details such as gender and partner preferences.

The website was hacked in the month of March but it was identified after almost a month in April. Bev Robb, who is an independent IT security consultant identified the hack in the month of April. However, she did not name the website. It was only in this week that Channel 4 News of the United Kingdom reported the hack and Adult FriendFinder was identified as the hacked website.

The details of the accounts hacked include information such as their date of birth, usernames, addresses, passwords, birthdays and other critical information about their personal and sexual lives. The hack was carried out by ROR[RG] who after hacking and stealing the data threatened Adult FriendFinder to pay up $100,000 or else the hacked information will be posted online.

The hacked information was accessed by the controversial computer hacker Andrew Auernheimer who publically displayed information about some of the persons whose accounts were hacked. He posted information on Twitter about a police commander from Washington Police Academy, an employee of FAA, an intelligence officer with navy and a California tax department employee. According to Auernheimer, he deliberately exposed information about public servants since they can be made to feel embarrassed easily.

The hacked data is precarious to the users whose information was hacked. It is even more dangerous to individuals who live in smaller towns since they can be identified easily.