21,000 Customer’s Bank Details Hacked| TalkTalk |

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TalkTalk is one of the biggest broadband and phone service provider in the United Kingdom. A few days earlier it suffered a major breach of information when its servers were hacked and the data belonging to its over 4 million customers was compromised. In connection with this hack, the police arrested a 15 year old buy on whom the hacking was pinned to.

He was arrested after a police raid on a house in Liverpool that led to the arrest of the boy from the Antrim County in Liverpool. The company suffered a major blow due to this hacking incident and its shares in the stock exchanges in the UK fell significantly after the customers as well as investors displayed their concerns about the security measures taken by such companies.

Initially it was thought that the incident of the data security breach compromised the information of the all the 4 million users of the company. However, the company was soon to refute these claims stating that the attack was significantly less intense and damaging to the company then thought. In an official statement, the company stated that the information leaked was less significant and not useful to hackers. Information such as credit card numbers had been stored as “xxxx” in parts instead of completely storing them in numbers.

The company has now declared the actual number of affected users. It has been stated that bank account details around 21,000 of the customers of the company were stolen. In addition, debit and credit card details of around 28,000 customers were stolen and the names, email addresses and the phone numbers of 1.2 million customers were leaked.

TalkTalk has been a victim of such attacks twice earlier in this year. It faced similar attacks in February and then again in August. The three attacks pose serious security concerns about the company’s initiatives to tackle them.