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Technology rules in this era with increase in dependency of individual on it. Name it as a means of communication, booking tickets for traveling, paying bills or shopping online or any other things. Every Individual is totally dependent on technology and its facilities.

Now, comes the context of security whether it is computer security, online security or phone security, every security is essential for normal working and protection of life. Hacking is an interesting process that invades this normal working and inserting its own element of spicy twist into it. It is more likely to be called as crackers of the technological security and eliminating the monotone functioning of someone computer by breaking into it.

Here at, we provide platform to all the experts across the world to share their experiences, and express their views and ideas of being expertise in this field. All the articles shared on this website are authentic and if in case any experts would like to guide it better, are always welcomed. Because there is always a room for betterment each day!!!

Welcome to the amazing digital world of hacking.

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