Man Shot By Cops Family Ask Help From Anonymous Hackers | #Justice |

Meet Hackers

A man named Daniel Shaver was shot dead by the police in Mesa, Arizona. The man was shot due to a misunderstanding when the police thought he was a criminal or a terrorist whereas it turned out that he was just a regular guy. He is survived by his wife Laney and son.

What was the incident?

The incident took place this year on January 18th when Daniel Shaver was in a hotel room. The police received information that there was a rifle visible from the window of the room where Daniel was staying. The police reached the hotel and asked Daniel to surrender. According to the version presented by the police, Daniel refused to cooperate which prompted the police to shoot him. However, there was no gun in the room and Daniel was proven innocent. However, the man lost his life because a police officer panicked.

Daniel’s wife requested the police to help with the investigation and give the details of how Daniel was killed. However, the police have refused to cooperate with her despite her repeated requests. Daniel’s wife Laney has filed a US$ 35 million lawsuit in damages from police for killing her husband. She has been asking for the footage from the body camera from the police department for which she has repeatedly been refused.

Role of Anonymous in the case

Laney approached Anonymous believing that it is her last hope. She says she is tired of asking the police for cooperation to help punish the officer guilty of the murder of her husband but it has not yielded any results. She now believes that she has no choice but to seek help from Anonymous. Anonymous is a hacktivist group that is popular as the forum that takes up causes against what it claims are government atrocities.

Even in this case, Anonymous has released a video threatening the police with the release of the videos of how police has been abusing people and have committed to help Laney.