A “leaked” video of iPhone 7 is nothing but a sham

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Apple iPhones are probably among the most sought after devices in the world. More than the utility, it is their oomph including their design, style and cool looks that make iPhone desirable. Just like any other previous generations of iPhones, iPhone 6, 6S and 6S Plus took the world by the storm and the next in line is iPhone 7 for which the anticipation has already begun.
However, such fanatic anticipations often lead to fraudulent activities surrounding the launch of any new products. A video is doing the rounds on the internet and has gained significant popularity in China that shows an employee of Foxconn, the Chinese iPhone manufacturer displaying an early prototype of iPhone “7”.
A lot of unassuming viewers are delighted at the view of an iPhone 7 without even investigating into the origins of the video. Also, not many even bother to look at the video carefully to see that it is actually a sham.
The video shows a phone that has an Apple logo at the back of it. But it does not have a physical home button. The phone has bezels that look more similar to an HTC phone rather than an iPhone. Apple is known to have a clear focus on its designing and hence it is impossible for it to copy the design of a brand like HTC. Then, the phone in the video has a much thicker body than an iPhone 6. Traditionally not just the iPhones but smartphones of every brand have grown thinner over the years. Therefore, a phone that is thicker than its previous version is highly unlikely.
Another important thing is that the phone in the video has regulatory markings at the rear. Now, it is something that is done when the phones are mass produced for consumption and not during the research and development stages.