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A.I Is Detecting Coronavirus In China


Chinese subways are deploying AI to detect people that might have Coronavirus by using facial recognition

As Coronavirus continues to tighten its grip in China, the Chinese Government has employed the services to two Chinese companies to detect persons who could be potentially infected with the virus.

These companies use artificial intelligence (AI) and temperature scanners to identify those who could be infected.

The two corporations are Baidu and Megvii. Baidu was the first to install temperature scanners at Qinghe subway station in China.

Following Baidu, Megvii has installed facial recognition and temperature scanning devices at the Mudanyuan subway.

These initiatives by these companies have come immediately after the government’s measures to install temperature scanning equipment at all subway stations.

The AI system that has been installed by Megvii involves installing 16 checkpoints at the subway which detects body temperature of the commuters.

It can check 15 passengers in a single second from a distance of even 16 feet. The entire system operates autonomously and needs only one operator for monitoring the equipment.

This system from Megvii combines a facial detection system with a body detection system. It uses a dual scanning process that includes both, a regular camera and an infrared camera.

Thus, the technology combines the natural light visibility along with infrared scanning.

Likewise, the system installed by Baidu also uses infrared scanners along with a facial recognition program. It takes passengers’ photographs and stores the information.

The system developed and installed by Baidu checks if the body temperature is more than 99 degree Fahrenheit. And, if that’s the case, it immediately notifies the human operator at the station who can then conduct a second inspection of the identified passengers.

This system is capable of scanning 200 passengers per minute.The use of these technologies and using the services of these two companies have come at a time when Coronavirus has become an epidemic.

The China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has instructed the local governments to leverage technology to identify potential patients in real time. By doing so, the government seeks to ensure that the virus is stemmed from further spread.


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