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Blue whale

Bluewhale Game

Meet the person who developed bluewhale  Game

Media and other sources already listed the name of the blue whale game from few years . After so much of attention of this game its becoming one of the dangerous game in the world nowadays.

Meet the person who developed this suicide Game which is named by “BLUEWHALE GAME” this is basically launched in Russia and the person who developed this game is also Russian who is known by phillip budeikn on going through his personal life he is student of psychology stream and was detained from the university because of this dangerous game only.

What is blue whale game ?

This the game of several task meanwhile it develops the relationship between the gamer and administrator where administrator will provide several tasks that you have to complete .within the 50 day all the task should be completed as if we are acting as a slave of is to believe that one task per day and last task is the commit suicide.These game might be interesting for lot of people but what does this games give us?instead it takes our life just because developer i.e phillip budeikn has unique personal view regarding life.

List of the task provided by the bluewhale game :-

Some of the task in the blue whale suicide games are :-

Watching content that administrator would send you, hurting yourself, losing your life etc

The list of the countries where suicidal cases are occurred because of this blue whale game

Saudi Arabia


















There would be several other countries involved in the suicidal case because of these games.

we would like to mention this game is not in format of downloadable or something like that while this game mostly are played with the help of the social media where some of the users are invited and which with the time play the game and starts completing the weird tasks in which they would mostly harm themselves daily up to 50 days .

If someone is playing this game you can easily recognize them as there are weird task which family or close friends can recognize like giving cut on their body or started staying alone.

If this game would be beneficial to us then they wouldn’t have to be stay hidden instead they should play first and take their life mean while founder will die while testing his game that’s funny