5 Movies to avoid watching

This list of movies is just a warning for you to avoid watching them even inadvertently. Although they might be banned in your country, but could be available via the internet or torrent downloads. However, they are so gruesome and gory that it is better not to watch them at all.
1. Cannibal Holocaust –
This movie was made in 1980 and shows a cannibal tribe. However, the scenes of rape and cannibalism look so real that several audiences alleged that the makers of the film used real dead humans in the cannibalistic scenes.
2. I spit on your grave
It is a 1978 movie with a remake made in 2010.It is the story of a tourist woman brutally raped by a group of locals and her revenge. The scenes of rape and torture continue for over 30 minutes.
3. A Serbian film
This 2010 movie has detailed scenes depicting paedophilia and necrophilia. The movie follows the story of an aging porn star who is coerced to work in a movie that claimed to be an art film but turns out a weird fantasy of the director of the movie.
4. 120 days of Sodo
It is also known as Solo and is a 1975 movie. The movie follows a story from 1944 where the torturous experiments on 9 girls and boys are shown by the Nazi scientists. The movie was considered to be extremely obnoxious. The director of the movie was murdered in the same year and many allege it was because of making such an offensive movie.
5. The Human Centipede 2
The first part was released in 2009 and the second in 2011. It follows the story of a scientist who conducts a weird experiment of joining people to form a human centipede. In the first part, 3 people were shown as a part of the centipede and in this second part, 12 people were shown.

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