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A forum on the Dark Web, named “Hell” is offering a sale of 27 million Mate1.com passwords that were leaked by an unknown hacker. The hacker claims that he could penetrate into the server of the popular dating website and gained the access to its MySQL database which allowed the hacker to access and download a part of the database. The data he stole included over 40 million login credentials but around 13 million of those were the accounts created by bots.

According to the hacker, Mate1.com stored all its login details in a simple non-encrypted format and lacked hashing. Hence, whenever a user requests for details on forgotten passwords, it is delivered to them in a simple text format. Signing up to Mate1.com does not even require authentication of an email like. Users can simply provide their login details and email ids to register for the website. Hence, anyone can provide anyone else’s details and use the account without the real person knowing about it.

What is the Mate1.com hacking instance?

The hacker who stole the passwords from the site of Mate1 put it up for sale on a forum named Hell on the Dark Web. It is not certain that the hacker was able to sell the data or not, but he offered selling it for 20 BTC (Bit Coins) or US$8600.

There has been a growing rise in the instances of such hacking attacks and sale of credentials of the users on the dark web. Despite all the efforts from the governments and other statutory cyber authorities, there has been no major impact on it. Such instances pose serious threats to the security and confidentiality of user details. Hackers are attracted towards the dark web to make a few quick bucks.

What is Dark Web?

Dark Web is that part of the internet that requires a special access and where most of the illegal activities on the internet, such as arms and drug dealings or even child pornography. It is basically the place on the internet for all kinds of unlawful activities including the sale of hacked passwords such as in the instances of Ashley Madison and now Mate1.