235,000 Isis affiliated twitter accounts has been suspended

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As we all know twitter and citizen of the world doesn’t like the presence of the Isis group on the social media especially on the twitter who was the one of the best tool used by the Isis group in order to spread their extremist messages and attract the internet users to their evil thoughts. Twitter along with individual enemies of the Isis group makes harder for the Isis puppets to survive on the internet. Twitter team and other citizens used plenty of time in identifying and studying the accounts of the Isis puppets as we can’t identify every Isis affiliated accounts with any magic stick its not that much simple. In the middle year of 2015 twitter team started working against the extremist  and suspended 125,000 accounts  and now they are still continuing that operation and suspended 235,000 accounts which were violating the polices of the twitter ,promoting the terrorism over the twitter .in total 360,000 Isis affiliated accounts has been suspended since 2015 .

Twitter expanded its team and  suspended the Isis affiliated accounts in minimum time .they don’t give Isis puppets to survive on the twitter which effects their evil intention on the internet and obviously make their followers decreasing .Twitter works with the following group in this operation


  • Parle-moi d’islam
  • Imans online
  • Wahid foundation
  • The swab center
  • True islam

Its seems twitter is in a commitment to kill all terrorist on the twitter and will make harder to use twitter for such extremist use. Twitter added good feature which ignore the duplicate tweets or automated tweets which the better user-experience on the twitter.