2.5 Million Accounts Hacked By Unknown hacker

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In September 2015,an unknown hacker hacked a couple of game forum websites. These were PSP ISO and Xbox 360 ISO, the forums for popular gaming consoles PSP and Xbox.

The hacker managed to obtain email ids, passwords and IP addresses of the users of the forum.
It’s been way more than a year and the actual number of accounts compromised is still largely unknown. However, according to an estimate, the hack led to the leak of the information of over 1.3 million accounts. Now that’s a lot of accounts and it shows that this hacking incident can’t be brushed aside as an aberration affecting just a few accounts.
These two forums allow users to download the ISO versions of the games for the PSP and Xbox 360 console without any charges or surveys, which is the reason for their high popularity.

From the time this incident occurred until now, almost one and a half years have lapsed. It means that the hacker did not sleep on the data of the users’ account but mostly likely sold them to several underground groups that make use of this sort of information and would have earned millions. A large volume of this data could also be available as free data dump online. In any case, it is the information of the users that has been compromised leading to severe personal losses to them.

The stolen data can be used for numerous purposes such as spamming, frauds, etc. However, if the users are warned that their information has been compromised, they can take corrective actions by chaining their passwords and blocking information related to credit cards or debit cards. But, the key point here is that they should be informed about the hack, which, if not done can lead to severe losses to them.
Such game forums usually don’t ask their users for strong passwords. Nor do they support two factor authentication. Hackers exploit these vulnerabilities which is evident in the leak of large number of account data.

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