1,500 paedophiles caught by the FBI through their systems | Fbi | Hacking |

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There is an underground space on the internet known as the Dark Web where lots of illegal activities take place. It is here that the FBI busted a site that is named Playpen which was a source of child pornography.
Taking a stringent action against the website, FBI acted swiftly, took control of one of their servers in February 2015, and operated the website and using a technique known as the NIT or the Network Investigative Technique. Using the NIT, FBI tracked around 1300 IP addresses connected to the website.
NIT is a swift hacking method that was deployed by the FBI. Paedophile is one of the most disgusting inhumane activity and organisations like the FBI, and also several hackers try to clean this mess from the internet. Although a lot of this fight against child pornography takes place over the main internet, there has been a growing concern of this happening on the dark web, an underground internet space that is the main ground of several illegal activities such as child pornography, selling of narcotics, weapons and other illegal stuff.
Taking a stock of these factors, the FBI decided to take down Playpen, a website that went online in August 2014. The website has accounts of more than 215,000 users and it is said that around 11,000 users join the website each week. The busting of the website might result in as high as 1,500 court cases filed against paedophiles.

Although hacking might be considered illegal, it can be stated that the way FBI used it in this instance is commendable and the evil of paedophilia needs to be stemmed out at any cost. FBI has been founding using such techniques in the past in the Dark Web and it seems that it is an effective method.