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Meet 15 Year Old Hacker | Ratik Sahni |

Meet 15 Year old hacker from india

Today, we will introduce you all with a 15 year old hacker from India. The name of this 15-year old hacker is Ritik Sahni. He earns by Ethical hacking which is an inspiration for all the beginners who want to start their career in the cybersecurity domain . You can also contact him personally for mentorship. His contact details are available below.

When contacted, Ritik said, “I am into cybersecurity! I’m a 15 years old CTF player, bug hunter and infosec content creator. I usually go by the name http_deep in the cyber space. I like to spend my time learning technical stuff, reading books, and listening to different genres of music”.

Q: Being a 15-year-old ethical hacker, how does it feel?

A reason I wanted to jump into this field at a young age was because I just couldn’t resist staying away from learning about it. I’ve always been curious about cybersecurity concepts.

It feels good to increase my knowledge gradually at this age but just like everyone else, I do get impostor syndrome sometimes. However, having said that, I LOVE MY WORK anyways!

Q: Have you hacked someone?

Being a bug hunter, I have hacked into the websites of several companies but all the work I’ve done till date is legally and ethical.

Q: And what has been your earnings as a ethical hacker?

I wouldn’t prefer answering this 🙂

Q:How did you get started into bug bounty? Mention all in steps

Watching YouTube videos was the first step. I followed it with learning web security tutorials and asking a ton of questions from other experienced bug hunters. Moreover, I believe that observation more than other things is critical in order to learn.

Q:Your favorite hacker?

There are many of my favorite hackers and one of them is my mentor who is known as “faceless_coder”. He’s a damn good “pentester” and red teamer. Another one of my favorite hackers is me myself 😉

Q: If you were not a hacker, what would you like to be?

I really don’t know the answer to this. I haven’t really been interested in any other field the way I’ve been interested in hacking. Maybe into finance? music? civil service? Frankly, I don’t know!

Q: Hackers are in demand. Would you hack someone to check his loyalty towards his partner ?

I’ve been asked a lot about this and my answer remains the same… “NEVER”. It’s morally wrong to do so.

Q: If you hack into Google search homepage somehow? Would you deface it with your name so that world will know or report to Google?

Being a bug hunter I’d surely report it. I will feel really good doing so. Hacking illegally doesn’t bring any legit value. I prefer things that matter. Showing off to the community isn’t the goal, peace of mind and happiness is.

Q: Will you hack for money ?that’s why you are into white hat hacking?

Money is good although I’m not into hacking just for money. It’s the curiosity and the satisfaction I get from this field of work.

One thing everyone should look for is if they really like their work if they can they do it and not get bored? Enjoying the process and not thinking too much about the results is important, it brings value and purpose to life. Money follows the people who focus on the value and enjoy the process.

Q:Black hat Hacking will never end? Comment

It’s probably because of the bad guys that this field of ethical hacking exists.

Q: Russian  hackers vs Chinese hackers

—No Answer

Q:. Whatsapp Isnt safe ?Comment

WhatsApp is huge and so is twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, signal and others. There is always a way to hack into stuff, it could be hard but there’s ALWAYS AND ALWAYS a way to hack into it. If it’s on the internet, it’s not safe.

Q: offered 1 million us dollars for a black hat hacking operation? would you accept

I don’t think I would really love to do illegal hacking activities mostly because it’s just against my ethics and there are other better ways of earning equivalent amount. The value is what matters. I would be happy to do similar things legally, I would be way happier that way.

Q: privacy is a myth?

In the modern world, yes! It’s hard to trust some person or organization.

Q: Is data on social media safe?

No, there is always a way to dig into a person’s private life as long as they post stuff regularly on social media platforms. It’s just all brain games.

Q: Is hacking solution to check relationship’s loyalty ?

I’ve got many requests to hack into social media profiles. People need to understand that it is not the right way. It’s obviously illegal and if you have this thought of hacking into a profile, you probably just don’t trust the other person.

Q: why you want to be white hat hacker ?why not black hat ?

I enjoy my work being an ethical hacker and this way I get to help companies and the people the right way. Life’s good 🙂

Q: Having hacker mindset is next level thing ?Share your experience as a hacker in your society?

What I believe is that curiosity is one of the key elements of having a hacker mindset and not just in this field but in any field, if a person is curious to know things and deeply in love what they do then they are on their paths to success. Thinking and fixing problems is a huge part of cybersecurity, have faith and start working!

Q:Whats your future in the hacking world?at what extent you want grow in this domain ?

Cybersecurity is a vast field with several different options for people to learn. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing exponentially. If you’re really interested then this is not the time to make excuses.

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