110,000 facebook accounts infected with malware within 48 hours

An unidentified Malware is spreading strongly on the Facebook.Just within 48 hours the malware infected 110,000 Facebook accounts.Facebook and other security researchers are working on the malware.When Facebook users gets infected by this malware it automatically update status with a malicious link and tag less than 20 person in the status.When users click on the infected link an adult video played automatically then the video is stopped suddenly and forced the users to install fake flash player(malware).The malware uses goo.gl  shorter url to hide the real malicious link,unlike recent social networking malwares this malware uses technique called “magnet” which is posting malicious link publicly rather then sending to it in private messages.So far the malware is publicly spreading that’s why it is more visible than the previous Facebook malwares…

1 thought on “110,000 facebook accounts infected with malware within 48 hours

  1. Dear Super Cyber Attackers,


    In case you need a little help spending the $900,000,000.00 +-

    Please contact me ASAP!

    I sure could use a mill or 2…5 mill,
    (19.5 mill would be great – I could start my Veterans Project)
    or whatever u can spare…to help my family and FB friends….and a little change for my honey and I.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    (Ladies and Gentleman PLEASE share my request…I would be very disappointed If The Robbin Hood Crew does not get a chance to read this.)

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