list of 10,000 websites Hacked By Anonymous Hackers

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Anonymous hackers have hacked into over 10,o00 websites present on the dark web.Actually they hacked into the infamous hosting service who are hosting weird contents on the dark web.It is same hosting company who was shutdown by the law authorities over the supporting or enabling the illegal contents on their servers .This hosting company is named by FREEDOM HOSTING 2 or || so as the name suggest freedom hosting || or 2 it is second version of the first hosting service which shut down earlier. Anonymous and ethical hacker believe that these website were hacked because of the illegal found on the servers. officially Anonymous also declared its about killing child pornography on the Dark Web.They simple hacked into freedom hosting company severs and finally managed to shut down all the choose or managed all websites hosted on their servers. it means they are managing more than 10,0o0 website in their hands.Anonymous stole all the data which is mostly of the related to pornography but its not checked whether this fact stated is legitimate

This is was it ,so we gathered the list of the all hacked website at the time of writing article.

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On researching the these over 10,000 websites are all down and no recovery has been detected we are talking about the dark web so it would be difficult to tell what will happen next or in how much time these sites will recovered.One of the fact of the dark web is that it has seven thousand terabyte present information or content present on it .

If you want to log in these hacked websites and check the status of the hacked website only the you need to tor Browser or you can simply log on via normal browsers for you need to type website name and add it .gq like this simply hit it .

Freedom hosting was known for its hidden hosting to serveral child pornography and also supported the hosting for the silk road(drug dealing website) .It was the reason freedom hosting was shut down by the authorities in recent years and now again came with the same hidden service of hosting