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100 Israeli Websites Hacked by Anonghost |#opisrael |

Meet Hackers

Anonghost one of the main enemy and eye keeper on the Israeli cyberspace. Anonghost Announced that they will continue #opisrael till the 20th of april 2016 .Over 100’s  of  websites have been  hacked but Anonghost didn’t officially published the list of the hacked websites but till yet we got a 100 list of hacked websites which are hacked at the time of writing article


Above you see is the Deface Page uploaded on the Israeli hacked website by anonghost.The deface page Has Quranic verses in the background and Anonghost lefts the Message on the deface page for the Israel

Greetings world we are AnonGhost We are always here to punish you ! Because we are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent ! We are the sound of the forgotten people, the freedom fighter in the cyberworld and our main target is Sionisme and israhell, if you are asking why your website got hacked by us, its basically because we want to share our message and show the world who we are, we are not looking for fame but we have a goal to achieve we supporte all hackers teams and we support all the freedom movement in the world. Muslims are everywhere – We will enter to Palestine soon 🙂 remember this 😀 #Opisrael Engaged , Expect us !

List of the hacked websites
http://יועץקרינה …                                                                                                                        #Opisrael