A 10 year old kid hacks Instagram

In a strange incident, Instagram was hacked by a 10-year-old kid. Instagram is a popular photo-sharing and small video clips sharing social media portal and is owned by Facebook. Using Instagram anyone can share their photos or clips of up to 10 seconds. It is the most popular photo sharing portal in the world and is fully owned and managed by Facebook.

Despite its popularity and proclaimed safety by Facebook, Instagram was hacked by a 10 year old named who has been identified only by the name Jani. Jani is like any other child of his age, but he also possesses some natural geeky talent that enabled him to find a bug in Instagram. The bug is a major loophole in the security of Instagram that allows deleting any post from any person. Jani said he can even delete the posts from Justin Beiber if he wanted to.

However, Jani did not use his skills for any misdemeanour. Instead, he reported the bug to Facebook for which he got rewarded US$10,000. Jani could have instead sold this information on the Dark Web and might have ended up earning millions. Instead, he decided to report the matter to the owner company of Instagram – Facebook.

Facebook, to check the authenticity of the claims made by Jani, gave a temporary account to him and tested his claims. Jani could successfully exploit the bug and validated his claim. It resulted in Facebook acknowledging the Instagram bug and fixing it. In return, Jani was awarded the bug bounty amount.

Such bounty amounts are paid by tech companies to White Hat hackers who can successfully point out the vulnerabilities of their systems. Jani did it for Instagram and got his due reward. The most surprising and pleasing fact here is that despite his young age, not only did he found the bug in Instagram, he reported it to Facebook instead of selling the information online, which could have made him rich overnight. It shows the conviction and moral upbringing of the kid.

Jani plans to use the money to buy a bike, football equipment, and computers for his brothers.