U.S Military Credit card and Personal data leaked By Hackers

Just a few days after announcing that it will be leaking the personal details of the US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the hackers’ group Ghost Squad has now announced that it has hacked the data of over 5000 US military persons and has also posted it online.
In a Tweet targeting the National Security Advisor or the NSA, Ghost Squad said in its tweet that it is releasing personal data such personal information, credit card details and email ideas and income details of several of the military persons.
The leaked information contains more than 1000 leaked emails, 2500 credit card details and around 200 personal details such as the names, phone numbers, addresses, city and state details, zip codes, email ids, age, gender, and income. The total number of persons whose details are leaked exceeds 5000.
The tweet has a video message from Ghost Squad to the NSA stating that it is spying on and monitoring the NSA. The video message warns the NSA and the United States government of repercussions for its military action in the Middle East since the 9/11 attacks almost 15 years ago. The video message states that the US government has been fooling people in the name of democracy and is only increasing its military presence around the world. The US currently has over 900 military bases outside the US. According to the Ghost Squad, it is an attempt by the US government to gain a control over the sovereignty of other nations and colonise them in the name of intervention for bringing democracy and peace.
In reality, the Ghost Squad says, the US government is trying to expand its territory and gain control over the rest of the world, which according to this hackers’ group, is nothing short of an attempt to colonise them.
It says that the US government’s claim of being a democratic country is a farce and it is nothing less than an empire attempting to spread its wings.
The group has warned the US government and the NSA under the # tag #opsilence. It has also said it is not scared of the US government
Leaked Data might be removed on the internet ,here are some following leaked data

Following Us military emails

Email 1: a_johnson@ssci.senate.gov
Email 1: aashton@verizon.net
Email 1: Abdess.Fedlan@ferguson.com
Email 1: abenke@netzero.net
AIM: Abkrongard
AIM: AC97Vienna
Email 1: accounting@sportandhealth.com
AIM: AD1Penny
Email 1: AD1Penny@aol.com
Adam Cohn
Email 1: adamrcohn@gmail.com

U.S military credit card details

|jacob.leist@us.army.mil|01/15/1988|330th MP Det| |APO|AE|09354|VISA|4037660004291068|01/2010|253|
|rocky.a.hudson@us.army.mil|11/28/1970|OEF |HSC 563D ASB 159TH CAB|APO|AE|09354|VISA| |01/2008|
|glenn.snyder@auab.afcent.af.mil|11/26/1963|379 EFSS/CEM| |APO|AE|09309|Master Card|5428 0711 0028 6420|06/2010|054|
|kevin.dewayne.wilson@us.army.mil|01/13/1971|HHC 2HBCT / 1ID|Camp Liberty|APO|AE|09344|VISA|4060420261286156|08/2011|520|
|Aaron K. Whitford|aaron.whitford@us.army.mil|02/07/1983|TF RLMT|Camp Bondsteel|APO|AE|09340|Master Card|55438050501387308|08/2010|002|
|Joseph Andrew Brown|joseph.andrew.brown1@us.army.mil|01/19/1981|A TRP 1-303RD CAV| |APO|AE|09333|mastercard|5438050230328458|11/2010|369|
|William G. Coffman|jake.coffman@iraq.centcom.mil|01/21/1974|D CO 1-161 IN CA|JOINT BASE BALAD, IRAQ|APO|AE|09391|VISA|4127570011776400|08/2009|504|
|Shawn Selfridge|shawn.selfridge@iraq.centcom.mil|11/25/1970|Co D 1-161 INF|Joint Base Balad, Iraq|APO|AE|09391|american express|372555476951010|05/2010|4349|
|SSG Brandt M. Gibbons|brandt gibbons@us.army.mil|06/13/1979|CO DELTA 1-161 INF PLT|JOINT BASE BALAD, IRAQ|APO|AE|09391|VISA|4426246867482934|08/2009|112|
For full list click below available link

http://likemeat6ho46bqt.onion/ {use tor to access}
http://baddaymapknobjtt.onion {use tor to access}
That’s all we have so far from ghost squad,
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