Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017
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#opisrael updates:1381 emails leaked by anonsec and anonghost hackers (#opisrael)  here is some emails and password given below password email aabbccdd bad_fairy3@yahoo.com Bqr1092 pop@pop.com krakrak mangaloman@hotmail.com 7303413 jamus@netvision.net.il austerfa ofer_tisser@yahoo.com duperman In5trumental@hotmail.com gargamel apocalypticbourgeoisie@gmail.com aabbccdd zeraviv.uri@gmail.com mojave3 david@cactus-records.com aabbccdd sarelmatza@hotmail.com aabbccdd we_are_standing_on_the_edge@hotmail.com 30011996 9941647@walla.com klingon

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