Friday, Apr 28, 2017
HomeData of 1.7 million Snapchat users leaked by Indian Hackers

A few days ago, CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel made a comment that has miffed the Indians. When asked about the company’s expansion strategy, Spiegel made a comment no one expected.
He said that he is not interested in expanding to poor countries such as India. This statement has infuriated the Indians who have started uninstalling Snapchat from their mobile phones and have begun down rating it on the play stores. The company has witnessed a drop in its rating from 5 star to 1 star on Apple App Store while on Google Play store, it is currently at a 4 star rating. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this rating drops too rapidly.
The rating on the Apple store dropped just within a few days. But that wasn’t the only bad news for the company. India is the third largest economy in the world with several billionaires residing in the country. The comment from the CEO of Snapchat has also irked the hackers in India.
The Anonymous Indian Hacker group, which is a team of white hat hackers that identify and exploit the vulnerabilities in the various online resources for the bounties given by the companies have claimed to have leaked data of 1.7 million Snapchat users.
According to this group, they had gained an access to last year. However, since this is a white hat hacking group, they did not release the data online and said they did it to notify the company regarding the loopholes in their system.
However, now that this comment has been released, the Indian hackers have claimed that they have released this data of 1.7 million users on the dark net. This group has also said that it is not over and they will take more such actions against the company.
Snapchat has already been marred with several other controversies. One of the biggest controversy was that it gave false metrics to its investors in 2015 to get more funds.
However, the company spokesperson has denied giving false information and has also categorically stated that the CEO did not intent to insult anyone. They have said that Snapchat is for everyone.
But, it seems the damage has already begun for the company and it is not going to end anytime soon.