Sunday, Mar 26, 2017
Home21 Millions Gmail and 5 Millions Yahoo accounts for sale

Once again we are meeting to to the hacker who is selling millions of email accounts on the dark web and has been famous for such activities in the cyber world. This time the hacker has the Gmail and yahoo account for the sale. Hacker has brought 21 million gmail accounts, and he is not ending here so he also brought us with the 5 million accounts that too with decrypted accounts. While the passwords are decrypted but only 25 percent of them are hashed this means you need some hard work to crack them.

The decrypted password increases the worth of the hacked data. so this time the many will interested in buying the this hacked data as it mostly used for spamming or other activates on the internet. Question arises here most of the users do not know change the password of email accounts because of the later they get confused what was my password or they don’t prefer or any other excuses. So most of the accounts would be compromised without the user’s knowledge or the hacker would have already took the advantage these million of the accounts. Meet the hacker who’s know by the name “SunTzu583” on the dark web and whose past have been into all these activities.


The Worth of the 21 million gmail account is $450 us dollars. The worth of the 5 million yahoo email accounts is $250 us dollars. The independent security researchers verifying the data but believed to have from the heavy breaches in the past like linkedin, Drop box, etc .we didn’t verify the data manually yet. This Hacker wouldn’t be alone working on this and the pricing of the data  isn’t much as expected the on the number of the email accounts he is providing. in our opinion hacker might have already used up these email accounts and end them by selling them in the dark market.lets see how much data he will be selling in upcoming time.

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