Saturday, Jun 24, 2017
HomeRussia hackers hacked into US Presidential elections NSA Confirmed
In what seems to be a sensational news, a National Security Agency document has confirmed that the Russian hackers did indeed meddled with the Presidential elections held in the US late last year. The report states that at least one of the suppliers of software for the Presidential voting was targeted by the hackers at the time of the elections. Furthermore, the hackers even sent spear phishing emails to around 100 election officials.
However, the NSA has not specified whether these were the only isolated incidents of if there have been more such instances. Since the elections took place and their results were announced in the month of November 2016, the rumour mills have been running fulltime to claim that the victory of Donald Trump to become the president of the US was a result of the Russian hackers interfering with the election process. It has consistently been alleged by the opponents of Donald Trump that is victory is due to these hackers and not because he got more votes.
The Republicans have categorically denied these allegations and have held their ground that Trump won due to the high level of support he enjoyed among the American people. Even the Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied any role that Russia might have played in changing the course of the elections in the US. Even after this NSA document was released, Putin denied that the Russian state might have played any role in these hacking instances. Instead, he said these are the acts of independent and freelance Russian hackers who are highly patriotic. Putin has said that the state of Russia does not indulge in the hacking incidents and it is definitely not the job of the government.
Having said that, it is clear the hacking was carried out by the Russian Staff Main Intelligence Directorate or the GRU, which is the Russian Military Intelligence unit, as specified in the NSA document. But, the document does not draw any conclusion and also refrains from stating that if these were the only incidents or there could be more.