Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017
HomePro ISIS hackers dabbling into malware now
For the last few years, since the rise of the ISIS as the leading terrorist organisation in the world overshadowing Al Qaeda, there has been an increasing presence of this group in the cyberspace.
A large number of pro-ISIS cyber-criminal groups are active on the social media. Rather, there have been big groups that these cyber criminals are forming where they are hiring more people with knowledge of computers to act as their agents.
Despite the growing threat of these groups, especially the one known as the United Cyber Caliphate, have been highly active online and have undertaken massive cyber-attacks on the various government entities and businesses in the last couple of years. Most of them have been communicating using end to end encryption based messengers, especially the Telegram.
However, since April this year, there has been a decrease in the use of Telegram among the pro-ISIS groups. Rather, the activity has completely halted. This has prompted the cyber experts to believe that the support for ISIS is waning in the lights of defeats this group has suffered on the ground in Iraq and Syria. Also, so far, most of the cyber attacks conducted by the ISIS supporting groups like the United Cyber Caliphate have been of DDoS or denial of service attacks. This has led the cyber experts to the conclusion that the members of these groups are amateurs who are just learning the tricks of the trade
Despite these assumptions that such groups are on a decline and that they are just the beginners in the cyber world, what has been revealed as a shocking news is that the United Cyber Caliphate is creating a malware of its own. This is a shocking news considering the fact that the making of a malware requires expert technical knowledge and cannot be done by someone who is just a beginner. It remains to be seen how menacing this malware would be and what the security agencies would do to control its spread.