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The Story of Palestine By Anonymous Hackers

Recently our research on the internet collected this message or story of the Palestine written by Anonymous hacker(4N0N_W3LP) to initiate the cyber war on the Israel. here is it.

The Story of Palestine By Anonymous Hackers

Hello Everyone
We Are Anonymous
Now, as most of you reading this are probably Anons as well, you probably believe that Israel is a bad country. But I am here to expose even more things that Israel is doing without anyone knowing, but without any further talk, let’s begin.
You’ve heard about Jerusalem, right? Well, it’s in danger. And it’s really bad. The 45th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has decided that it will be a great idea to move the American embassy (in Israel) from the Israeli city ”Tel-Aviv” to the Palestinian city of Jerusalem. Now, when you move an embassy from a city to another, you are basically saying ”this city isn’t the capital, I’m gonna move the embassy to the actual capital!”, which is completely absurd, since Jerusalem is a part of the independent state of Palestine. So what Donald Trump is saying, is that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. So he’s giving Jerusalem to Israel, just like that!
And lemme tell ya, this isn’t the first time it happened. Because EXACTLY 100 years before that decision was made, guess what happened, the prime minister of Great Britain, Arthur James Balfour, Wrote to a member of the Rothschild family about the idea of an ”establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”. Exactly 100 years after that letter was written and sent, Donald Trump, out of nowhere decides to just randomly move the embassy to a holy city in Palestine. I hope you can see what I’m getting at here.
Now Balfour’s Declaration was made illegally, since it isn’t legal to just kick citizens out of their houses like that, just because you can. but he somehow managed to slip out of it with nothing because, at the time, it was in the middle of world war 1. So how did Balfour get his hands on Palestine and how did he build the country we know today as Israel? Simple, they started migrating many Jewish citizens to Palestine, until Jews made up more than 75% of the population. And because Palestine had been under the reign of the British Empire, it had been easy to get soldiers to kick Arabs out of their houses and their country to build a new one.
sorry, gave a bit of a history class there. I’m sure you know about Balfour’s Declaration, but I don’t think you’ve heard about the Trump stuff that’s happened in 2017, I just haven’t seen anyone talk about it. And Also, Israel has a reputation for destroying things, so if they got control over the valuable and expensive churches and mosques in Jerusalem, there’s no doubt they will destroy them. As a matter of fact, these monuments and buildings were almost destroyed at some point. For example, Al-Aqsa Mosque is most probably gonna be destroyed because Israel believes that the Mosque of Solomon is buried under it. so when they try to dig it out they will have to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque first.
”When is this all happening?” you might be asking, and to that, I reply with, NOW! And it’s set to be finished somewhere in May of THIS YEAR!
This is why I want to start a new operation, #OpJerusalem, Where we will target Donald Trump and Israel for what they are doing. The operations will be under #OpIsreal.
We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Unites As One
Divided By Zero

You Should’ve Expected Us, Isreal.

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we will keep you updated with cyber and tech world.much love and respect hackers !

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