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Anonymous Releases list of the Israeli Website For the Attack


List Of Israeli Website To Be Hacked

Under the Anonymous idea there are hundreds of hackers or team of hackers with different Names.Today we have gathered the list of the Israeli website that anonymous would hack on the 7th of April 2018 .There are several teams participating in this operation .It is the infamous operation of the anonymous under the tag of #opisrael.

The Team that likely to attack the Israeli cyberspace would be Ghost Squad ,Anonysec and other various teams. Actually the attack has began internally probably they would leak data on the 7th April 2018.

The List of the websites are :-


Thats all the websites so far we have got from the hackers associated with #opisrael.In our Opinion these list of websites might be already under the hands of the hackers or might not get hacked. If these website would get hacked then it will show us the power of these hackers participating in this operation this year.

Anonymous Claims To hack Into 1000’s Facebook Accounts |#Opisrael |

Message Left By Hackers:-

Greetings, citizens of the world.

We are AnonGhost.

Knowledge is free.

We are cyber security.

We are simply an evolution of the technological system.

We are fighters for internet freedom.

We are not your personal army, but we will stand and fight.

We are always here to punish you, because we are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent.

We are a cyber group of 0 and 1, and we are not terrorists.

We are around you.

We are a firefighter, a policeman, an environmentalist, a student, a teacher, a programmer,

a hacker, a singer, a housekeeper, a boss, a friend, a dad, a mom, a person, a neighbor,

a colleague, a worker, an office worker, and more people with jobs.

We exist for the peace of the world and exist to protect your personal.

We are everywhere.

We are always there.

You do not see us, but we see you all the time.

We are the voice of Palestinians and the voice of people all over the world.

We are doing various Op.

We are now putting all our efforts into OpIsrael.

Please tell us your thoughts.

Then we deliver your thoughts to the world on behalf of you.

We are watching the world.

We are watching what you are doing.

Do not forget us, remember.

We will protect you.

We are above you.

You can not see us, never.

But your thoughts can tell us.

If you would like to share our information with us, please follow us on various social networks.

We respect you.

You also respect us.

Do not abandon your thoughts.

Share your thoughts around the world through us.

We always wait for you.

We always support you.

Do not forget us.

Remember us.

We will not forget you.

We will not give up on you.

We are a powerful cyber society.

We are illusions.

Excluding the above list of the website there are other websites which would be under the attack by the hackers.we will be keep you updated till then watch operation Israel video



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