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Anonymous Hacks Into Various Israeli Websites

On the 7th of April 2016 the day of operation Israel in which all Muslims and other independent hackers hacks into Israeli cyberspace to make their internet facility down . The infamous hacker in the world ANONYMOUS published the list of the Israeli websites hacked

We will provide some list of the websites hacked

http://www.msh.gov.il  descr: Shalom civil service reform-Minister Michael Eitan
http://www.ocs.moital.gov.il descr: Ministry of Industry and Trade
http://dover.idf.il descr: Israel Defense Forces
http://www.pm.gov.il descr: Office of The Prime Minister
http://www.rbc.gov.il descr: Israeli Rabbinical Courts
http://www.telaviv.police.gov.il descr: Israel Police Department
http://www.tofes.gov.il descr: Office of The Prime Minister
http://www.zchut.gov.il descr: rights and services for Holocaust survivors
http://www.justice.gov.il descr: Israeli ministry of justice
http://www.antitrust.gov.il descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority
http://www.agri.gov.il descr: Agricultural Research Organisation Volcani Center
http://www.finance.gov.il descr: Ministry of Finance
http://www.gp.gov.il descr: IsraelGovernment Printing Office
http://www.iaa.gov.il descr: Israel Airport Authority
http://www.immigration.gov.il descr: Israeli Immigration
http://www.isa.gov.il descr: Israel Securities Authority
http://www.israel-info.gov.il descr: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
http://www.kranoth.gov.il descr: Kranoth Hishtalmut LeOvdei Horaha
http://www.misim.gov.il descr: Shaam – Information Systems
http://www.moc.gov.il descr: Ministry of Communications
http://www.mohr.gov.il descr: State of Israel-Ministry of Finance

at the time of writing article these website were not working displaying the message “Connection timed out “.

ice_screenshot_20160408-123650It seems Anonymous uses Famous method to make the server offline i.e DDOS ATTACK. These Hackers are also known by RedCult In the Cyber world.On youtube Too their video about the operation israel was also reported

Here is it:-

Hackers Claims to Mo
Anonymous Claims To


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