17 June, 2018
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Apple releases iOS 8.4.1 and has fixed issues relating to Apple Music

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On August 14th announced the release of its iOS 8.4.1. This latest update to the coveted operating system that powers Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod touch has fixed the issues with Apple Music. Apple Music is the streaming service for music files and was bundled with the launch of iOS 8.4 in the month of June this year.
Since its launch, Apple Music has had few issues with its services. The music service faced problems with turning on of iCloud Music Library. Another issue pertaining to the added music files has also been resolved. These files were not visible earlier since Apple Music was intended to display only offline music files.
Also, previously users were unable to add a song to a playlist if there were no existing playlists. This issue is now resolved and in such instances, users can choose to create a new playlists and add songs to them. There were also issues related to the display of an album’s artwork when displayed on other devices. Artists previously also faced problems while they tried to post to Connect. Also, there were unexpected errors while with regards to tapping Love while listening to Beats 1.
All of these issues have been resolved since they resulted in the inconvenience to the users while using this music streaming service of Apple. This comes at the right time since 8.4.1 could be the last update to the iOS version 8.4. Apple has announced the launch of its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and these two phones could have iOS 9 as the operating system for these two phones.
The fixing of issues with Apple Music will also be beneficial for the future versions of iOS, including iOS 9 in the instance it is launched as the operating system for iPhones 6S and 6S Plus.

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