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Anonghost claims to disturb 20,000 whatsapp users(#opisrael)

as we exclusively spoke to anonghost today via twitter ,they said they have disturb the 20,000 users of whatsapp with the help of their own made malware.Through the malware whatsapp users gets their phone hanged up.excluding this they are attacking on all the sections of israel like banks, credits/ fb/ whats app / wechat / and more.Currently they are hijacking as many Facebook account belonging to Israeli citizen.

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as per the anonghost ,they have disturbed several whatsapp users and leaked the details of 200 whatsapp users on the internet since yet.Anonghost will be leaking all hacked data on  7th of April 2015

 here are some pictures which anonghost shares with their followers  via Facebook

Anonghost also leaked  200+ phones number on the internet
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we will keep you updating about #opisrael

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