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Government emails and password hacked by anonymous hackers

few days back government shut down the world’s famous website “THE PIRATE BAY” ,to protest against the shutting down of pirate bay hackers have hacked and leaked government emails and passwords on the internet.These hackers are also know by “Hagash Team”while this whole attack was discussed on twitter
have a look

Government hacked emails and passwords
Emails Country’s Owned ( Sweden, Israel, India, Brazil , Argentina, Mexican )

Country: Sweden
Email: generalkonsulat.hongkong@gov.se
Password: RoYYDwVL
Country: Sweden
Email: dan.solverud@gov.se
Password: F3n4wIbv
Country: Sweden
Email: anders.liljeberg@gov.se
Password: CdeFRE5l
Country: Sweden
Email: cederin@gov.se
Password: D68Xvpd3
Country: Sweden
Email: lisette.lindah@gov.se
Password: TCUoeqO6

Country: Sweden

Email: thomas.erlandson@gov.se
Password: FpPLH8Y3
Country: Sweden
Email: franck.rasmussen@gov.se
Password: GdS$BHX4b
Country: Sweden
Email: maria.lonnberg@gov.se
Password: Ri1oq9w6
Country: Sweden
Email: isabelle.k.schlyter@gov.se
Password: DvQozr21
Country: Sweden
Email: bookings.abuja@gov.se
Password: G3xXGkka
Country: Sweden
Email: bo.diczfalusy@gov.se
Password: UAjvOUwC
Country: Sweden
Email: sara.aulin@gov.se
Password: LBwzHTTO
Country: Sweden
Email: gustaf.lind@gov.se
Password: Iu7M870e
Country: Sweden
Email: ud@gov.se
Password: NoLife0@$13

for full hacked emails list click here

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