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500+ israeli websites and government emails hacked by anonghost(#opsavegaza)updated

This Post is UPDATED

we might all know that ,recently Israel starts airstrike on Palestine,so from the cyber world hackers i.e anonghost decided to start massive cyberwar on israel on 11th July 2014,with other Muslims hackers,and they are calling all Muslim hackers to participate in this operation.they named it “Operation save gaza(#opsavegaza)”.In just 2 days they have hacked 100 plus Israeli websites and government emails which were later  leaked on the internet,they say”its just our warning to Israel”they also launch video about this operation on YouTube…

Here we got 500 plus hacked Israeli websites:

   Anonghost message left on hacked websites
this is not it,they have done so far,as we said above they also hacked Israeli government  emails and leaked on the internet
Ministry of Health ¦ Email[adina.joseph@moh.health.gov.il] ¦ Password [3ae0f3291426debbba0b36733faa0ef7]
Ministry of Health ¦ Email[alex.leventhal@moh.health.gov.il] ¦ Password [ce05d95f3eecfefe415ec96313aaf2fd]
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs ¦ Email[ambassador@dublin.mfa.gov.il] ¦ Password [34e0ccd9f1cbddca8713852c74f1bd36]
Knesset Gov Israel ¦ Email[aeldad@knesset.gov.il] ¦ Password [4e5704996d592158a6dea379fdd1d37f]
Knesset Gov Israel ¦ Email[amncohen@knesset.gov.il] ¦ Password [7200f7ef0d974e9dd8d84382d263ace0]
Knesset Gov Israel ¦ Email[atibi@knesset.gov.il] ¦ Password [8fb19d9cf490ddd3cbae90972dd0e48c]
Knesset Gov Israel ¦ Email[avitalk@knesset.gov.il] ¦ Password [ae27b7c44d28795fca4e09a94c5b2c5f]
Knesset Gov Israel ¦ Email[binyaminb@knesset.gov.il] ¦ Password [2b3cd2912077c294db497632f52dfaf6]
Knesset Gov Israel ¦ Email[ChaimR@knesset.gov.il] ¦ Password [dd8ee692e28477f950012116c47d5be1]
for full hacked israeli emails click here 


operation save gaza(opsavegaza)
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